Client Charter

The S.R.C is committed to the provision of a forum for the views and concerns of the Student's body to be discussed with the College Authorities, ensure sustainable social development in the college and assist the Administration in the grooming and production of a Jewel Brand Teacher in the field of education who is a unique cadre derived from the Jewel of Excellence in the Academic, Educational Leadership and Personality aspect.

Roles of the SRC
1. To embrace any problems, complains and concerns pertaining to the welfare of bonafide students on and off campus.

2.The S.R.C is committed, vigilant and active to safeguard, promote and seek to the best interest of students.
3. Instill a culture of excellence in fellow students and strive to make M.T.C a centre of reference and resource in the field of education.
4. Initiate a student support fund as well as recommend integrated facilities of high quality, financial transparency, gender equity and inclusiveness.
5. Shall be responsible for the day management and handling of student's general welfare and be entitled to make and implement decisions pertaining to student affairs in accordance with and subject to the SRC constitution.

The S.R.C composition
It is a student representative organ of Mutare Teacher's College students. It is composed of the President, Secretary General, Secretary for Finance, Secretary for Gender and Inclusivity, Secretary for Hospitality and Health, Secretary for Sports and Culture and Secretary for Entertainment and Social Amenities.
The office of the President
The President presides over all meetings of the SRC and co-ordinate the activities of all the members of the S.R.C. With prior approval of the entire council, he/she issue out public statements on behalf of the S.R.C. The President is in charge of the information and publicity office and heads all student delegations to various sporting, entertainment or any social gatherings. The President has the power to delegate his powers to the SG or any member of the SRC

Activities and achievements.

  1.  SRC exchange program to Kushinga Pikelela Poly-technic and Belvedere Teachers College.
  2. Student's outing to Victoria Falls before year end.
  3. College magazine initial issue with Interlink.
  4. Assistant lab technicians to serve students after hours.
  5. Digitalised assemblies.
  6. Refurbishment of the student support centre.




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