1. The offer is subject to meeting the minimum qualifications stipulated in the advertisement and payment of first term fees of RTGS $1 345, 00 for non-resident students and RTGS $2 885,00 for resident students.
  2. The fees should be paid on or before registration day which is Friday, 08 November, 2019.
  3. Use the college Ecocash facility as follows: Send this short code: *151*2*Student Number*Your Ecocash Number*Fees Amnt# to this whatsapp number 0714 161 640. Provision to swipe into the college account is also available on or before the registration date at the college accounts office.
  4. Bring with you the following documents on the registration day.

4.1 The CBZ bank deposit slip, receipts as proof of payment,

4.2 Original birth certificate and four (4) certified copies of the same,

4.3 Original I.D. and four (4) certified copies of the same

4.4 Original ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level certificates and four (4) certified copies of each,

4.5 Original Marriage certificate (if married) and four (4) certified copies of the same,

4.6 Police clearance,

4.7 Completed Medical Examination form,

4.8 Four passport-size photographs

NB: Please note that there will be no special consideration.

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